Terms of service are legal agreements between Evopry and customers using our service, you must agree with the terms of service to use the offered services.

Last Updated: Feb 21th 2021
Who we are

It is mandatory that before you sign up for our services, you should read and understand all our terms of Services. If you agree with them, then be obliged to sign up and start enjoying our services. Please, DO NOT use the website if you don't agree to our terms of services.

1. Information about our services

Our website deals with the provision of quality online learning in a one - on - one format.

This means that you can interact with our tutors directly. Currently, we have teachers for multiple languages and subjects such as English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Maths, Physics, Yoga & Fitness among others.

Each language or subject has many tutors who ensure that all our users are comfortably attended to at their own convenient time.

2. Age Restrictions

Our platform only allows for one - on - one interaction between learners who are 18 years of age and above. However, the learners who are below 13 years are not blocked from using this website. Their parents are encouraged to do the process of registration for them. In such a case, the interaction will be between the tutor, the parent as well as the learner.

3. Third-Party Payment Policy

We use some third party payment gateways, this enables us to easily bill you through online payment accounts. These payment gateways may charge you some additional fees for the transaction and Evopry is not responsible for these additional charges. So it is better to read the related payment policies for these gateways.

The payment information of our learners is not stored by our servers. All the payments made on Evopry are safe and well monitored.

4. User Responsibility and security

It is upon the owner of the account to be responsible as far as the login details of his/her account are concerned. The login details include usernames and passwords. The owner will be responsible for data or information that may be tampered with.

However, if you notice some unauthorized and strange activities in your account, please notify Evopry immediately so that necessary action can be taken to minimize damages that can be caused to your account.

This is because we do not have the right to assure you that a third party will not be able to access your account without your authority or ours. They might penetrate through our security system or have access to your login details.

5. Multiple Account ownership

Our terms and conditions state that all users of this website are NOT allowed to own more than one account as this might cause a mismatch in personal information as well as altering and creating confusion as far as account details are concerned.

6. Expiry of User Account

In cases whereby the user account remains dormant for 6 months, the account will be rendered expired and will be deemed unfit for usage. This is equivalent to a duration of 180 days.

7. Tutor Choice.

It is the responsibility of our users to choose the right tutors. Registered members are ordained with the responsibility of exploring the skills of our tutors and decide the one who is best for them. We don't decide on our users.

8. User - User dispute.

We (Evopry) is a platform to meet tutors and students for fulfilling their learning requirements, we will not take any responsibility for any form of dispute that is likely to come up between one user and another. It is your responsibility as a user to cooperate with others in harmony and peacefully. We will not be responsible for any action taken against you by other users due to your wrongdoings.

In case one of the users of this website has an issue that requires our attention, he/she is free to contact us.

We directly respond to users' requirements so that we can improve our services to all.

In cases of any dispute, for instance, tutor-learner dispute, the two parties are required to agree to adhere to the resolution of the dispute for peaceful coexistence.

9. Purpose of the Website.

This website is purely for learning purposes. Users are not allowed to hire our tutors for other purposes such as indoor tutorials or employment in other learning institutions such as schools. If a user attempts to lure any of our tutors, he/she will be considered to have broken one of the privacy policies that govern this website.

10. Control of users

Our website does not control the opinions or feedback given by our users concerning our services. Any reviews, as well as ratings that might be made according to our delivery, is always available for other users to read and decide. We believe in transparency.

11. Termination of Services

As a website, we reserve the right to:

  • Modify our services based on emerging issues. This might occur to enable us to improve the activities of the website for the sake of efficiency.
  • Discontinue our services either on a temporary or permanent basis. This might apply to all the services or just a portion of them.
  • Terminate services for users who fail to adhere to the rules and regulations which govern this website. This might occur without the user's notice.
12. Piracy of our services.

Users are not allowed to collect any information or data in any way from this website. This ranges from unauthorized use of the website logo, displayed slogans as well as the products and services. These are considered trademarks of Evopry only. The suppliers, as well as the licensors of such services, should not be compromised in any way.

Evopry does not encourage the download of materials from this website. This is done at the user's risk and Evopry will not take any responsibility for the damages and loss of data that this might cause to your computer. We do not offer any warranty to damages that you are responsible for despite the oral or written advice that you may obtain from us.

Hacking activities on this website are not allowed as well. We do not allow the reproduction of any material from this website.

13. Dynamics of the website.

As a website, we might make the necessary changes to the website. For instance, Evopry reserves the right to modify the fees as well as the policies that govern such payments.

In case of such changes, Evopry will notify you as a user of the website before such changes are implemented.

For the sake of transparency, such changes will be posted on the website or the URL that is provided regularly by us.

Any user who will continue to use our services after being aware of the amendments will be considered to have agreed to the change.

14. Information about users.

Users will be responsible for any information that they provide to us. This includes as well the information provided on the platform. However, we have the liberty to remove any information that is deemed unfit in this platform.

15. Third-party involvement.

This website involves usage by some third party activities. Users are encouraged to take it easy on such activities since we do not have control over the activities of the third parties as well as their privacy.

It should also be noted that Evopry will take no responsibility as far as the user's involvement with the third party is concerned. We do not offer warranties as well as guarantees and endorsement or take any responsibilities for any product that is offered or advertised by the third party via this site or any other hyperlinked website.

If a user decides to get involved with a third party via this website, we will not monitor any form of agreement and transactions that are done between you and the third party.

16. Adherence to laws governing our location.

All users are required to agree to follow the laws that govern the usage of this website based on the various regions and their locations.

Evopry services are based in India and are offered from there. We do not have representatives in any other country since the services of the website can be accessed from any other location online, anytime. Those who access our services from other countries will take responsibility by complying with the laws and regulations of India. This as well includes the import and export laws.

17. Student - Tutor agreement.

Evopry will not take any responsibility for any agreement that is made between the tutor and the student. We do not play the role of an agent or broker. The student, tutor, or any other member of the website will be liable for any outcome of the agreement as stated and regulated by the Law.


All the features in the Evopry website ranging from the design, layout of the various pages, and the information published solely belong to Evopry and its affiliates. You have no right to duplicate any content on the website or alter any part of the website. You should not reproduce any aspect of the website without written consent from Evopry. Any form of duplication, modification, mirroring, or republishing will be considered as copyright infringement and is punishable by law. Copying any content from the Evopry website and publishing it on other websites amounts to copyright infringement. Moreover, copying of any work from people on this website either in part or whole will be considered copyright infringement. All the content of the website is protected by copyright law and all the other relevant intellectual property laws. Under the copyright policy, you are not allowed to use any trademarks, trade names, or logos appearing on the Evopry website without consent from the owners. Any reproduction of the material either part or whole would be a violation of the terms and service which can risk your Evopry membership being revoked.

You are not permitted to remove any aspects of the trademark policy for commercial use. You are only permitted to use any content of the website provided you conform to the laid-out terms and policy. If you want to link any of the website pages or any content on the website, you have to seek consent first. On the brighter side, you are allowed to like or follow Evopry on various social media platforms. You can also share the link to the website without violating the copyright policy. Any rights not highlighted here are strictly reserved to Evopry.

DMCA Notice

Evopry acknowledges the intellectual property rights that our users enjoy and we respect it. In the same way, all our users and affiliates are expected to respect intellectual property rights when using any services on our website. Our website adopts and implements the intellectual property law under the International Copyright Framework. This means that we respect and uphold our users’ owner rights regardless of their location. Under the concept of International Copyright Law, we protect your intellectual property against infringement on our website. Our policy also provides full response and compliance with any alleged copyright infringement notices that may be filed by taking down such material from the Evopry website. However, you have to prove that you are the copyright owner. We do not allow the production or hosting of any copyrighted content on the Evopry website. If you believe that your content has been copied in any way that may amount to copyright infringement and that it has been made available through our services, please notify us so that we can promptly remove it.

Your DMCA takedown notice must contain the following information:-

Copyright owner or the designated Agent must:-

1. Provide an Electronic or physical signature;

2. Provide a description of the copyrighted work that is claimed as infringed;

3. Identify where the infringing copyrighted material is located on the website;

4. Provide contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address;

5. Provide a statement that they have a good faith belief that the infringing material is not authorized by the copyright owner, his designated Agent or by law;

6. Provide a statement under penalty of perjury that the information in the notice is accurate and that they are the Copyright owner or an Authorized agent to act on behalf of the Copyright owner;

The above information must be submitted to the following DMCA Agent:

Copyright Agent


Email: support@evopry.com


In additional compliance with the intellectual property law, Evopry reserves the right to terminate any user deemed to repeatedly infringe on copyright. Evopry holds the right to limit access to its services and/or terminate any user account that infringes on the intellectual property right of others regardless of whether there are repeated infringement or not.

Tutor Policy

This is a formal agreement between Evopry and the tutors on Evopry. If you want to teach on Evopry, then you must read these terms for a tutor carefully and agree, be bound by these terms. If you are not satisfied or not accepting any of the terms here then you are not authorized to provide the teaching services here.

  1. Non-exclusivity. The tutor can freely engage in and perform any employment activities on our website. Our website allows tutors to go ahead and advertise their services to the public. This will increase their rates of reaching potential clients and therefore offer their services to them.
  2. Availability. Each independent tutor shall set their own Availability of teaching time for students to book the sessions.
  3. Platform fee. Pertaining to the platform fee, Evopry deducts a portion of the money from the amount students pay for them to attend sessions with the tutor as service charges of using the site. However, the tutor is not allowed to seek compensation from his / her students for the platform fee deducted.
  4. Supplies. The independent tutors acknowledge that the materials they require for their sessions will not be provided by the Evopry website. The tutors are allowed to provide their own materials to use in their sessions. However, Evopry allows the tutors to ask the students to have some of the materials for use in learning during the sessions. This request does not require approval by the website. It is the tutor’s decision.
  5. Taxes. The tutors on the platform are responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes or charges outlined by the government in their region.
  6. Benefits. The tutors understand that they are not employees of Evopry, we are just providing a platform for both tutors and students so that they can meet each other and can fulfill their learning requirements, so they are not eligible to participate in any fringe benefits of the Evopry website.
  7. Expenses. Tutors acknowledge that the website cannot reimburse them for the expenses they incur as they render their services to their students.
  8. Insurance. The tutors acknowledge that Evopry can obtain no insurance cover for them. Moreover, the tutors understand that it is their responsibility to obtain applicable insurance coverages.
  9. Confidentiality. Tutors acknowledge that they are allowed to have access to the personal information of their students such as their names and addresses. Moreover, they acknowledge that the information they access is confidential and should not be provided to unauthorized parties. Any information about students that Tutors have access to should not be shared with third parties.
  10. User satisfaction. The amount that students pay for the lessons on our platform is not refundable as the students confirm their satisfaction with the payment for the lessons.
  11. Updates. Evopry updates the time of privacy such as changes in dates and informs tutors of the made changes.
  12. Application. To work with Evopry as a tutor, you need to fill in an application form that will be verified by the Evopry team, after successful verification you can offer your teaching services on the platform.
  13. Information. Tutors should provide their true information on the website. The tutor will be responsible for any false information provided.
  14. Services. Tutors should provide top-notch services to their students, failure to which their profiles can be hidden or terminated.
  15. Commission policy. Evopry applies a commission Fee on teacher hourly price. This fee is charged for the services used on Evopry platform. After successfully completing each lesson and confirmed by the student, we charge a commission on the lesson price and the rest of the amount will be added to your Evopry “Tutor’s Wallet”.
    A tutor has to provide a free trial lesson to each new student, it will be free for the students and Evopry is not payable for trial lessons to the tutor.
  16. Tutor age requirements. To access our services as a tutor you must be over 18 years of age, the individual under the age of 18 cannot use or register for the services as a tutor.
  17. Lesson Process. Tutors should conduct all their students’ lessons through the Evopry platform, failure to which or in case, by providingdirect lessons without booking on the Evopry website or bypassing the Evopry students for direct payments out of the website or misleading the students about the Evopry services or charges model could lead to termination of Tutor profiles and their earnings can be on hold.
  18. Communication. Clear communication with students and the Evopry support team is paramount for Tutors. Miscommunications and delayed communications could lead to the termination of Tutor profiles. You are obligated to respond to all lesson related communications within 24 hours.
  19. Dispute. Evopry is not responsible for any kind of dispute with the students. Tutors should settle disputes with students amicably. For any kind of support in the dispute resolution tutors can ask the Evopry support team. Evopry is free to terminate a tutor's profile in case if we find any inappropriate behavior or misconduct in the dispute from the tutor’s end. Ignorance is highly unacceptable and could lead to the termination of the tutor profile.
  20. Personal data. Tutors should not share their personal information such as information about their wallet, their financial records on Evopry, agreed to maintain the privacy of Evopry students.
  21. Changes in personal data. Evopry can make some changes such as changes in profile photos or in the introduction video of Tutors and can use the information for advertising purposes in our social media platforms. However, you have the right to speak out if you do not want that. To remove them, all you have to do is contact the Evopry support team and they will grant your request.
  22. Feedback. Students are free to share their learning experiences as feedback or review on the tutor’s profile. Evopry is not responsible for any type of feedback on the tutor profile. We believe in 100% transparency.
  23. By accepting this agreement, it ensures that you are agreeing to follow these Evopry terms to provide the teaching services on Evopry.

    If you have any questions or need any clarification or if you want to report any violation of the Evopry terms and conditions, you can contact the evopry support or can write us atsupport@evopry.com