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Online Teaching Jobs

Skim through hundreds of online tutoring jobs and make a lucrative career out of it. A new career or just a side hustle? The choice is yours!

Teaching is a lucrative profession, especially when you have better control over your finances. Online tutoring jobs offer a golden opportunity for candidates to learn while they earn.

A Quick Glance at Online Teaching

Online teaching has become a trend, especially when work from home became a normal culture. Online teaching jobs are either blended (in-person and online interaction) or it can be fully online.

Both college professors and school teachers can join the online tutoring club by signing up and taking students onboard. If you have the skill to teach or want to explore the world of teaching, this is a grand chance for you to shine as an online tutor.

Different Types of Online Teaching Opportunities

Subject matter experts and professionals are considering online teaching as their full-time career. Technology is transforming, and online opportunities are lucrative as you have better control over your finances, and you have the ease of teaching from home.

An online teacher’s job is to instruct students online, and they play different roles:-

1. College-level faculty for online teaching

2. Adult education tutors

3. K12 online tutors

4. Online language teachers

5. Instructional Designers

6. Course developers

7. Subject matter experts

Indian online tutoring jobs will transform the quality of your life by giving you the right opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills.

How to find part time tutoring jobs in India?

There are various platforms that offer tutoring job opportunities, but you have to put a lot of effort to find these platforms and some of them have certain eligibility criteria as well. Online tutoring jobs for teachers are available on Evopry. You can make a tutor profile and list the relevant skills that you possess. Students are able to see your profile and make a decision whether they want to hire you or not.

Do you need a college degree to apply for teaching jobs online?

Some online teaching jobs platforms have a minimum eligibility criteria, which is possession of a college degree. However, Evopry allows you to join the platform and start teaching without a college degree. You must have in-depth knowledge in the subject. Also, in case you are teaching English, you must have an excellent grasp over the language. Language teachers ought to be experts in the language they wish to teach.

Is online tutoring jobs for teachers lucrative?

When you join a platform such as Evopry, you get paid on an hourly basis. The student can choose a package of X number of hours or pay on an hourly basis.

Online tutor jobs are lucrative simply because you have the power to choose your time slots and how many students you wish to teach in a day. Home based online teaching jobs give you a little more control over your earnings. You can choose to work 2 hours a day or even 10 hours a day (provided you have many students to teach).

How to get started with home based online teaching jobs?

When you apply for Indian online tutor jobs, you can choose your desired time slot for teaching and even spend time with your family and do home chores. To get started with online teaching, you need to have basic equipment like a laptop or PC and a strong internet connection. Besides this, you can also invest in a good earphone/earbuds to speak clearly. Your students should be able to hear you properly, so make sure there is no disturbance while you are teaching.

Do Indian Online Tutoring Jobs pay you handsomely?

Tuition jobs online allow you to make a lot of money. Tutors charge anything between $3 to $100 for a one-hour class. It depends on your skills, the subject you are teaching, and the popularity of the subject. If it is a common subject, and you have a lot of competition, make sure you are offering your services at a student-friendly price. In case your subject is skill-oriented like language, IT, etc, then you can set up a price based on your experience and demand of the subject.

How do I become an online tutor on Evopry?

1. Fill basic information on Evopry while signing up.

2. Choose a professional-looking profile picture. Your student will judge your profile, so make sure it looks professional.

3. Write a good profile description

4. Prepare for a demo that you will have to give to the student

5. You may be asked to upload your Id proof/degree/certificate/diploma papers. Make sure these are scanned.