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Learn English Online

Evopry provides the best way to learn English online 24/7 anywhere in the world, with the help of reliable native English speakers & professional online English tutors.

How long does it take to learn English?

Becoming fluent in English is a process; it doesn't happen overnight. There are various factors that determine the English learning ability, like if you previously learned English, what method you are using to learn, how dedicated and motivated you are, how similar your native language is to English, your familiarity with the English language, etc. For a beginner, it may take up to six months to one year to become fluent in English because they also need to learn basic English skills.

How to learn English quickly and effectively?

Find a Private Tutor:The best way for learning English quickly is plenty of speaking practice. 1 -on- 1 lessons with a online English teacher is the most effective way to do this instead of enrolling for courses. You can find affordable English tutors online on Evopry and start learning English today.

Make Mistakes But Go on: It is best to make mistakes and learn from them. Your private English tutor online from Evopry will identify the mistakes that will make you better at using English in a natural way.

Track Your Progress: You can stay motivated by keeping constant tabs on your English language progress. Ask tutors to review your progress.

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Why Learn English with Evopry?

Certified professionals

You can get professional tutoring from native English speaking tutors. Learn English online from quality tutors on board.

Learning flexibility

Learn anywhere, anytime. Choose the most suitable time and start learning from the comfort of your home.

Learn Inexpensively

Evopry offers excellent and affordable English language tutors online. Pay based on the number of hours you spend learning English instead of paying a bulk amount.

Learn with Fun

Our tutors are reliable and extremely friendly. Take advantage of one to one learning sessions and boost your English speaking confidence.

Why is English classes with private tutors the best way to learn?

Learning English with private tutors is the best and most advantageous option compared to the traditional online courses!
  • Your private English language tutor offers a personalised lesson plan that explores the topic you want to learn.
  • They will assess your level of understanding and develop a customised study plan accordingly.
  • They offer a story-telling form of teaching with real-life experiences for more practical knowledge.
  • You gain a realistic and detailed guide that is missing in a standard learning course.
  • Your tutor will address a problematic aspect of the language and encourage you to learn correctly.
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Why Learn English?

English is one of the most dominating languages in the world. A rough estimate states about 350+ million people worldwide speak English as their first language. Therefore, it is worth considering.

One of the primary reasons to learn English online is the rapid increase in global trade, making its way for new business opportunities and jobs requiring English.

How can Evopry Help you Learn English?

Our high quality tutors have an abundance of experience at every level of teaching. From beginner to advance, we have tutors on board to address your unique requirements and meet your personal needs.

Our platform is easy to use, affordable, convenient and quick. You can seamlessly enjoy the time you spend on our portal to get the best online English lessons without worrying about anything. You can contact tutors, book a lesson, and pay seamlessly.

How English learning on Evopry works

Wait no more, and start learning English with confidence at Evopry. Just follow the few basic steps, and you're done.

Find a tutor

You have a plethora of tutors to pick from. You can use filters for price, time, location etc. to find a perfect English language tutor online that matches your expectations.

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Schedule lesson

Fix a suitable date and time. Find an available tutor in the time slot you're free and set the date!

Start your English learning journey

Be present at the scheduled time. Focus, attention, and motivation will all be needed to boost your confidence.

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100% SatisfactionGuarantee For English Lesson

Evopry is assured to give exceptional experiences English teachers online to our students. You will have a pleasant time with our confident and vetted online English tutors. We assure you; our tutors will provide great English sessions that are interactive, fun, and interesting. We will provide you a free replacement with a new tutor if you don't find the current one matching your expectations.

Here’s what our students say about Evopry English Classes


This is my first experience on Evopry. My two kids are learning English here. The tutor is very nice, friendly, patient and extremely delicate. She easily finds their mistakes, and elaborate a good study path. My daughter was very shy and didn’t like English, but now she is feeling confident after some lessons with her


I was looking for spoken english classes near me and I have found Evopry to be very easy to use. It has a huge range of English tutors of all levels, from all over the world. I found the best English teacher I have ever seen. The lessons are always pleasant, and she knows how to make you talk. I personally improved my English a lot!


I was learning English from school time but still couldn’t communicate with others in English language. On Evopry I found an experienced tutor from south africa. In 1 -on- 1 lessons with my tutor I got space for plenty of English speaking practice. And just after one month I have improved my English skills and feel very confident.