Cookies help us provide a better and more elaborate experience to customers on our website since they help us understand them better.

Last Updated: Feb 21th 2021
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Why do cookies use for?

To make our website more user-friendly, we use cookies. Explore the following points to know more about the Cookies policy:-

  • Cookies help us provide a better and more elaborate experience to customers on our website since they help us understand them better.
  • We primarily use cookies to fulfill your needs by using data and knowledge of your previous website visits.
  • Another thing to note about our cookies is that they do not store information that identifies you personally such as your name and addresses.
  • If by chance cookies store any personal information or private data, no worries because Evopry prevents unauthorized access by encrypting the personal data. In this way, your personal information will still be safe and inaccessible to unauthorized people. The following recommendations outlined by the International Chamber of Commerce in the UK, we have outlined a list of the main types of cookies and what we use them for as shown below:

Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are essential to move around the website and access the data in it. In any case, these cookies are not there; you cannot access the services you are looking for on the website. Your consent use is not essential for these cookies because you cannot use any information from the website without them.

Performance cookies:

These cookies collect information about how customers used the website. The information collected by the cookies includes the pages that are often opened by the visitors. Some of the cookies can be able to monitor how much traffic our website has and use data that will be collected by the performance cookies on our visitors. We can easily suggest to them the pages that they might be interested in by using these cookies. These cookies can help to save the time of the visitors on our website to search the data they need from the website.

User experience cookies:

Evopry collects data on the usage of the website by people using the services provided by Siteimprove. The data collected by Siteimprove is then used to fix arising matters about the quality of the content in the website, access the information on the website, and Search Engine Optimization. From the data provided by Siteimprove, we can be able to improve our services and the information we provide to ensure that it is user-friendly and that it is helpful to our visitors.

Functionality cookies:

These are the cookies that allow the website not to forget the choices that you make. Provide more personalized features depending on your searches on the website. Moreover, these cookies also allow you to watch videos and read comments on blogs on the website.

Behaviorally targeted advertising cookies:

These cookies are used to provide you with advertisements that are relevant to your interests. Talking about adverts, these cookies also limit how often you can see an advertisement. Ad networks place these cookies on websites in line with the guidelines given by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Third-party cookies and social networks:

Whenever you share website information with friends or colleagues through social networks, third-party websites may send you cookies. It is important to note that Evopry cannot control the cookies from these third-party websites. You can only control the cookies by visiting third-party websites.

Tracking of users and visitors:

If you are wondering whether we track visitors to our website and existing users, do not worry since all the information you need is right here. We have engaged the services of Pardot to keep track of the browsing history of individuals using our website. This information is usually used to make our website better by identifying the gaps that need to be filled and the information that we need to provide in abundance. It is important to note that the information on your browsing history is usually kept safe from unauthorized people.