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Online English Classes

Evopry provides the best way to learn English online 24/7 anywhere in the world, with the help of reliable native English speakers & professional tutors.

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I just know a few English words. Can I speak English?

It might be the question on every Indian’s mind! We understand the pain of thousands of aspiring English speakers in India who live in a non-native land and face challenges due to not knowing English. Choose Evopry for online spoken English classes, and you will find your fears vanishing away! Our personalised tutors will teach you the 1,2,3 of this language and prepare you to face the world with full confidence!

How much time do I need to spend to master the language?

We understand you need to do it and want to do it fast! The skill to properly write and converse in fluent English is desired by thousands of people living in India. The good news is you are not alone, and the bad news is learning spoken English online cannot happen overnight!

Learning anything new takes patience, and you must be motivated enough to keep hammering the nail to the wall! We assure you that with our English speaking course online, within a year of perseverance and practice, you can grab this ‘English’ bull by its horns!!

Book Trial at ₹99/- only
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Why Choose Evopry for an English Speaking course?

Certified Teachers

Evopry gets you the best online English tutor in India who is highly experienced in teaching English. We at Evopry believe that 1 on 1 lessons provided by our personal teachers is the most effective way to learn English.


We at Evopry provide our students with a lot of flexibility; they can choose the most suitable time for their spoken English classes near me, depending on their schedule.

Learning with fun

The online English teacher at Evopry tries to make the English learning experience as fun as possible. We believe that making mistakes is the best way to learn.

Affordable Plans

Evopry offers comprehensive and affordable spoken English courses. Aspirants can pay based on the amount of hours they have spent learning English.

Who all are trusting us? We hope you are the next one!

  • Students - Many students struggling with English have chosen Evopry to excel in their careers! Our spoken English classes online improve English fluency and give the students an in-depth understanding of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Professionals - Job-seeking professionals can take up our fluent English speaking course to have the edge over others to land their dream job.
  • Business people - Business professionals who deal with global customers must be fluent and have spoken English online classes to expand their business opportunities.
  • Parents - Parents who feel under confident and want to converse with their kids in fluent English can take up the online English tuition offered by Evopry!
Book Trial at ₹99/- only
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How are we different from other language tutors?

We at Evopry believe that not every student is similar, so your personal English trainer will offer you customised study methods.

Our teachers try to identify the specific weak areas where the learner is lacking and try to make the course structure keeping that in mind. With Evopry, you get a chance to speak English with native English speakers to understand the accent better, making us the best online English speaking course.

Our online English speaking classes include periodic progress reports, which help the students evaluate their progress and proceed in their speaking English course.

Book Trial at ₹99/- only
How to properly and quickly learn English?

You have been learning English in your school all this while, but what was missing?

The Learning Environment with native English speakers! And Evopry gives you just that!

Like all other skills, learning fluent English will take its own sweet time. But with proper dedication and guidance of your spoken English teacher online, it can be done relatively quickly.

Evopry helps you learn the language with different kinds of learning activities. With a bit of guidance from the best English Teacher in India and your own effort, you can master your English speaking and writing skills over time.

How do I start with Evopry?

Interested students can start their online English learning course journey by following a few simple steps.


Log on to Evopry- the best online English course with your basic details.

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Picture of the author

Pick a Tutor and Time

You can use filters like native speakers, time available etc. Schedule a trial class with the best English tutor in India at a time of your convenience.

Proceed with the payment

If you are satisfied with your chosen English teacher in India, you can proceed with the payment.

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Picture of the author
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We let nothing come in the middle of your English speaking class and offer an enjoyable learning environment. If you have made the payment and are still unsatisfied with your personal English speaking trainer, do not worry! You can get a free replacement with Evopry. Try us and feel the change!

Book Trial at ₹99/- only

Here’s what our students say about Evopry English Classes


This is my first experience on Evopry. My two kids are learning English here. The tutor is very nice, friendly, patient and extremely delicate. She easily finds their mistakes, and elaborate a good study path. My daughter was very shy and didn’t like English, but now she is feeling confident after some lessons with her


I was looking for spoken english classes near me and I have found Evopry to be very easy to use. It has a huge range of English tutors of all levels, from all over the world. I found the best English teacher I have ever seen. The lessons are always pleasant, and she knows how to make you talk. I personally improved my English a lot!


I was learning English from school time but still couldn’t communicate with others in English language. On Evopry I found an experienced tutor from south africa. In 1 -on- 1 lessons with my tutor I got space for plenty of English speaking practice. And just after one month I have improved my English skills and feel very confident.